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Brand: XO Model: 16.005.0193
XO NB212 2.1A USB cable for Type-c White..
Brand: XO Model: 16.005.0192
XO NB212 2.1A USB cable for Type-c Black..
Brand: XO Model: 16.005.0107
XO NB156 USB cable for type-c Pink..
Model: OEM001649
Maxlife brand cable with a Type-C connector. If you have many devices such as speakers, power bank, headphones, smartphone and you are looking for a cable that will charge them all or ensure efficient data transfer, this cable will be perfect. Especially recommended for newer phone models...
Brand: XO Model: 16.005.0072
XO NB103 Type-C 2.0M White..
Brand: XO Model: 16.005.0071
XO NB103 Type-C 2.0M Black..
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